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Entomological Light C2

Entomological Light C2

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2 special UV lamps and battery.

In general it’s a all-in-one device for attracting insects. Finally there is no need to select any lamps, break jars, wear a welding mask, schlep a generator unit and a pail with kerosene or a car battery. No need to connect that stuff between. The kit is a great option for weekend hiking and long travelling with ability to charge on mains from time to time, setting/fixing shields in the distance from main location, catching insects in reside village and even in towns/cities. The only thing this kit does not suit well is long hiking without any opportunity to re-charge battery or take additional lamps due to their weight/size.
In particular the base of the device is 2 bulbs designed for attracting insects. The radiant peak is exactly in the segment of UV-band that attracts insets the most. Visible for people’s eyes radiant is not strong, that allows use it without bothering sleeping neighbors or /and attract drunk brats. In addition there are extra bulbs in the kit that allow using the lamp for common purposes both for yourself and mom/granny/wife excuses you for the purchase. In addition to 2 UV and 2 standard regimes, it possible to use mix regime – 1 UV bulb and 1 standard one for highlighting (see additional illustrations).
The lamp can be used with 2 bulbs (for stronger effect) or with1 bulb (more working time for autonomous operation with built-in battery and it’s not necessary to replace bulbs because there is special switch for that).
TTX: bulb working simultaneously – 1 or 2, 8 W. Battery life is about 3.5 hours when two bulbs are used and 6 hours when just one ( manufacturing information; our tests showed it can work longer). Weight – 1.6 kg. Size – 40x8x8 cm. Charge indicator, bulb test. Switch key 'one/two bulbs'.
Recommendations for use: 1. The lamp has a dome that protects bulbs but decreases UV-light. To improve efficiency, remove the dome and clean the lamp carefully with a rake after it.
2. To replace bulbs, remove the dome and screw them about the axis.
3. it’s recommended to charge/uncharged the built-in buttery several times before start using the lamp. It increases its efficiency.
4. Notice that the kit includes a stand to fix the lamp upright. There is a hole on the surface for fixing the lamp and a carrying handle/the bay for keeping electric cord. Do not forget that the lamps are just a source of the light. It is necessary to use shield and other bright walls to gather insects.
5. Using several lams can serve your current purposes, either working autonomous and/or increasing efficiency if you work in several locations simultaneously.
6. The supplied lamps are safe for people and certified. Nevertheless it is not recommended to look directly on switched on blubs for long time.

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    24.09.2014 9:15

    It’s my first season of catching and I liked the lamp due to several reasons. Firstly I do not know much about electronics and don’t want to assemble device parts myself, secondly it’s perfect (for me) variant for caching in the field at night because I don’t have neither generator unit nor car, this lamp attracts butterflies pretty well, even in Moscow in the middle of September at the 6th floor butterflies come to this lamp 5 minutes later after switching it on. Also I was catching butterflies in Shatura, Podolsk regions and Bitsevsky urban forest, and even in clear moon nights I was satisfied with the amount of butterflies attracted.
    Thank you for this device.

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    30.08.2014 13:16

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    30.08.2014 9:21

    In general the idea has a right to exist. I used it three times from the middle till the end of August in Balashikha, Moscow and Petrushinsky and Vladimirsky regions. Taking into account off-season time for catching and zero-zero weather to say the least (temperature went down to 10 °C/50 °F at night ), the lamp attracted noctuids, geometer moth, different micromoths quite well. At high season the lamp should attract a flat lot of insects. I used two UV bulbs and a little forehead lamp for highlighting (actually, I could replace a UV bulb with a standard one, but I preferred working that way). I stretched upright a traditional/commonly used white sheet between two trees as a shield. I roped the lamp down to the stick of 1.5 m forced into soil (the way light was directed toward the centre of the shield). The flows of the lamp supposed to be next:
    1) There is no crotchet to hang the lamp up, only a stand to fix it.
    2) The battery capacity is not great; a battery works for about 3 hours when two bulbs are used. It does not really matter if you have got a spare battery and can replace discharged one quickly. But to do so you have to delid the lamp as far as there is no separate compartment for built-in battery,
    3) The switch is very sensitive – the lamp can turn itself on if you while carrying it in a backpack and runs down battery.
    If you were not really confused with above, I recommend to use this lamp.
    Regarding crotches, the lamp is easily hanged up any crotchet ( hang it on the part where the unit for equipment cord is) regarding built-in battery working time, it sounds strange. Test showed that the lamp can work about 4 hours if 2 lamps UV bulbs used (after several charging/uncharging the built-in buttery)

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    26.08.2014 15:31

    The lamp.
    I used two UV bulbs at first night. Insects’ flight was good: geometer moths, noctuids, grasshoppers, mantises, two-winged.
    Unfortunately when I used simultaneously two UV bulbs it was not clear what insects had been attracted as far as just their shadows were seen. Eyes got tired and started aching when trying to distinguish what insects had been attracted for a long time.
    Next night I used one UV bulb and another standard one.
    It was perfect! Everything was clear to see and eyes didn’t tired so much.
    Besides it’s rather pros than cons that the lamp gives light for 180 degrees.
    Off all advantages the built-in battery is a certain one.
    I cut off the lamp at 10 p.m., and 15 minutes to midnight it was still working. Then I went to bed and did not check it up. The only thing can be considered as disadvantage of the lamp is that it weights quite much; and it is probably necessary to fix the lamp additionally if using with a trap.

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