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Adjustable Spreading Board, Width 1

Adjustable Spreading Board, Width 1

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0—18 mm gutter, 9.5 cm width, 40 cm long.

Width: 9,5 cm, length: 40 cm. Groove width can be adjusted with thumb-nuts.

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    14.08.2014 20:47

    his spreading board is good because it’s universal and well-made. But I used to have hand-made of XPS foam spreading boards and got used to force pins quite deep, also I could top one spreading board on another one in a row. But this one has thinner working layer and weights more.

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    28.04.2014 16:57

    Maxim, there is a review for the same just longer model But now we have spreading boards of a standard length only.

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    31.03.2014 17:43

    So strange there are no comments. It a very good, handy spreading board. It’s easier to adjust the groove than for another spreading board with bolts I bought before.

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